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When I noticed I was already here

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(Uhgg ... ... shut up ... ...)

I pull my eyebrows to an unfamiliar voice.

I am still sleepy.


My body gets rocked greatly from being picked up, makes me want to complain.

(Now, am I in class?

Then, is it the instructor that is shaking me?

(..., no, I was asleep in my room ............ If so, who are you !?)

Even thought i wanted to stay like this.

As soon as I was awake I stretched and opened my eyes, the face that was in close range occupied my sight, ... I got surprised.

──When trying to push it away, my hand did not reach the face that was in close range.

(What, this small hand ......)

An obvious child's hand.

I am familiar with me, that is not my hand.

"*******? ********?"


And even though it is just a surprise to me, my head is blank, but the language he is speaking is neither Japanese nor English.

And ... ... with the pikopico moving beast ear ... ...(TN:  cute, do cat ears move like

── What the hell is goin on here?

"********. ****?"

He is trying to tell me something, but I'm unhappy, I can not understand anything.

(Where am I?) Why am I in this place?

Did I get kidnapped while I was sleeping?

...... No, no kidnapping me is useless, you will not get much money as ransom.

I stand up and turn my eyes to the surroundings, but the grassland spreads out and there seems to be a fountain on my right hand side.

............ where on earth, where is this, where am I?

And who is this beast eyed guy who´s talking to me?

"... .... Why, am I here ...?"

In spite of the words spilling from my mouth, the man in front of me was surprised.

I guessed that I could not make myself understood.

I would like to grasp my current situation rather than think about man in front of me.

I approache the fountain.

When I peeped at the surface of the water, it was a beautiful clear spring as I could see the bottom.

And ──

In a certain sense reflected on the surface of the water, it surpassed my imagination in a sense, it made me laugh.

I'm on the surface of the water, with a laughing smile.

(I got really shrunk)

What was reflected there was my own self of the past.

Am I two or three years old?

It seems that unknown words are exchanged. In a world I do not know, I have no power ......

I do not know why this is happening, but it is obvious that I am helpless and I can not live alone.

... ..., the partner you rely on will naturally decide.

Unlike the previous time, I turn my eyes to the man looking at me with a difficult face.

Because I got some distance, I can see the whole picture.

(... there is a tail too ......)

Does it frustrate you, as you are shaking it up and down?

If he is thinking that it is troublesome that he found me, there is also the possibility of leaving me here.

If I were left alone in such a place without anything, I would die soon.

I do not know where there are towns and villages.

A child who does not understand the language in the first place, you only need take it´s hands.

If there is human trafficking, I will be a good prey.

(It would be fine if I could trust this guy.)

Rather than a knight ... ..., the man feels like a swordsman and has a partial armor on the shoulder and upper chest.

You can see the ridiculous muscles on brown skin burned by the sun.

The red-brown hair is loose and waving, and it is the length almost reaching to the shoulder.

The amber eyes seem to have long pupils.

(Cat ......? No, tiger?)

I think that he is a cat animal.

But both ears and tail are black.

His hair is reddish brown.

And he is quite a handsome guy.

Is he in the late 20's?

"*****? ********?"

The man who noticed that I was looking at him ... said something with a smile.

He takes out something baglike and offers it.


Even if you give me such a strange object, I do not know what to do with it.

The man who seemed to notice that I was puzzled demonstrated what to do.

Turn the object that seems to be a lid, put your mouth on it, and drink.


I wonder if he was asking if I was thirsty?

The bag like container holding water was presented again.

Upon overcoming the fear, while putting my mouth on it, the man goes away for some reason.

The water that flows through the throat is cold, and I was stimulated by it, aware of my own thirst, I continue to drink without scruple.

"... ... Hahu"

Did I drink about half of the bag?

My thirst was healed, I finally got my mouth off.

"*****? *******, ******?"


I understand that something is being asked, but I can not understand what you are asking.

Tilting my neck, he picked up the bag with a bitter smile and closed the lid.

Because he close the lid, was I told me to hand it over?

...... But, it seems that something was being asked, maybe he was saying something different.

It is hard work that I can not communicate with words.

He put the waterbag away and the man pointed in a certain direction.

"******. ********?"

"Is there something over there?"

Even if I look at the direction he points to, as far as I can see, only grassland spreads.

Is there something further away?

Trying to get up - I noticed my present situation.

(... nude)

I´m not wearing anything.

It seems that there is no choice because my appearance became young, I got a childrens body ... ... I feel somehow unlucky.

...... I mean, I was drinking water naked.

I wonder why I have not noticed, how much did I miss?


What was procured this time is cloth.

Is it like a toy?

When I reached out for receiving it, it was wound round my fuselage for some reason.


The man who smiles satisfiedly.

But, if it like is this, my legs can not move.

I think about trying again, I will certainly solve the problem.


He is saying something, but I value the importance on easy movement.

While adjusting the length, connect the ends at the shoulder position.

I can not tie it hard because I got a child's body.

I turned my eyes to the man and pull the ends, he seemed to understand the meaning and tied me tightly.

I also wound it around my waist and completed a simple dress that is easy to move.

If the wind blows, it seems that my important place can be seen, but now I am a child so it doesn´t matter if smeone looks.


I was caught at the head.

Is it like saying that it is "great"?

It can not be helped with this figure though ....

Why am I being held up?

"******. ****"

The man who walks while holding me is stopping in front of the animals he seems to ride on.

A mix of wolf and horse, and the figure is like a quite large creature.

I'm so unlucky.

I get licked on my cheeks and I am afraid of being chewed on by now.

...... Actually, I´m scared of dogs.

When I was a child, I was chased after, afterwards I was bad with them.

I like cats.

I accidentally cling to the man.

"*****? *******?"

When I noticed that my head was stroked, I look up, lukewarm eyes are looking at me ......

(...even thought it´s obvious, that everyone would be scared by this!

Didn´t I see it for the first time?

"*****. ********!"

When I heared a muffle sound ... ... I was laughed at.

── Unlucky.

I punched his shoulder, but my hand hurts.

...... He was wearing armor.

When I was breathing in my red hand, the man rubbed a grass like something on it.

(It hurts!)

It stings considerably.

Even if I hate it, even if you resist, I can not resist with a child's body against a man with ridiculous muscles.

I found out that it was a medicinal herb that was rubbed on the stinging hand.

...... But even though I just turned red with bruises, was there any need to rub herbs?

Would not it have been better to cool down?

Even though there is a spring nearby.

...... Is that water usable as drinking water?

The man drank only the water of that container and he did not replenish the part I drank.

It is better to stop eating and drinking these items.

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       I know he should be even jounger, so please don´t hit me!!!


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Not literally, but the meaning:
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These snow flakes are rather distracting... Is there a way to turn them off?

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If you want an editor ill happily apply heres my mail Its been a great read but some sentences ruin the mood

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May i ask a few questions
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I would like to try helping if possible

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