Alone with Dragons-chapter 1

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Alone with Dragons - chapter 1 part 1                                                                         03/13/16

This chapter will not be edited until some time later.
I´m writing a first draft for now, so don´t be surprised if there are some
changes later on.

Melodic chirping sounds are entering the room,
paired with the sound of light fluttering of wings.
The first rays of morning sun are entering through the open window.
When a slight breeze gently enters and moves the curtain to the side,
a little bird lands on the window sill.

He´s happily jumping up and down, right and left.
It looks like he is dancing to the tune his friends are chirping outside.

Then the cute little bird stops and curiously looks at the sleeping person
in the bed before him.
The bed is standing right underneath the window and the person inside
is sleeping with his head facing the window.

Looking further around, the bird sees a small and cozy room
with mint green walls, which add to the nice atmosphere.
On the right side of the bed is the door,
on the opposing wall are a lot of shelves with small containers
with beautiful carvings of leaves, flowers and symmetric patterns.
Wooden figures of people and animals are neatly aligned,
some are a little bit clumsy colored but the majority is left natural
only carefully polished.
They seem to be really treasured.

A small dark working desk with several towers of books and writing utensils
located underneath the shelves, looks like it can´t hold the amassed might of books.
The floor is covered in books as well,
only leaving a small path to walk.

Opposite of the window is a big wardrobe made of the same
dark wood, the desk is made from and next to it a washing table
with a bowl of water and a green towel.
A woolly carpet with lots of embroidery leads from the bed
to the washing table.

One won´t get cold feet when getting of the bed like this.

The cute bird seems to be finished curiously looking around,
he lightly hops down from the window sill
and lands on top of the head of the sleeping person.

The bird is small, but his tail feather are brightly rainbow colored
and long. They tickle the sleeping person who is
obviously Lian our MC and is sleeping tight, with bad bed hair.
The birdy pulls one strand of hair that´s sticking out with it´s beak.


Surprised the bird flutters up and chirps in an angry tune.
Lian slowly opens his eyes. They glitter in the morning sun in several shades of green,
like the freshly grown leaves in the woods in spring.
He smiles at the angry bird and moves his hand in the air
to provide it a place to land.

"Thank you for waking me up. Come here, I will give you a treat to thank you."

The rainbow colored bird seems to have understood him,
since it lands willingly on Lians palm.
Lian rises from his bed and carefully carries the cute bird over
to his table. He puts it down and places a cup with sunflower seeds before it.

Lian walks over to his washing bowl, refreshes himself and takes out a brush
from a drawer in the small washing table.
He carfully removes his bedhead and takes his time taking care of his
long hair.
His sleepwear slips down on his body and reveals his slender build.
His ebony skin is being washed from top to bottom.
He bends down to wash his legs and pushes up his tight bottom,
a round and well formed behind that gives onlookers the urge to
give it a good squeeze. There isn´t any bodyhair on him, he is smooth

When he is finished he drys himself with his towel, puts his stuff away
again and turns around, just to show his cute pink nipples.
Lian walks over and takes out his casual wear for the day.

He takes out two large pieces of embroidered cloth.
One is big and round with a hole in the middle and the other is just long
with a different pattern.
He steps in the middle of the large cloth and pulls it up to his hips,
then he fastens it with a belt.
The long cloth coiled in the back around the belt and the big cloth,
then it´s loosely pulled between the legs and fastened in
the front the same way as in the back.

Under these skirt like clothes that are conventionally worn by both man and women
of his tribe, he fastens leather straps on each of his tights,
that are holding 3 small throwing knives, a pouch for medical plants
and a purse.

Those can´t be seen because the garb that is called Selja just barely covers it,
but his long slender legs are visible without problem.
Underwear isn´t typically worn unless one belongs to nobility.

Lian finishes his outfit with a lighly transparent green shawl and a violet gauntlet.

Alone with Dragons-chapter 1 part2


A big jawn escapes Lians mouth.
He streches himself and starts with his dayly exercise.
Since the accident it became his habit to train in the morning and evening
in order for his body to recover faster.

Even thought it´s already been 5 years and the injuries are fully healed,
he still continues this dayly motion.

Maybe due to his continueous efforts,
he even became able to fly again.
But it´s still limited to short distances and the hight isn´t anything
to boast about either.

However Lian is still happy about this accomplishment,
his parents too, maybe even more than he himself.

The first time he took of the ground to fly a bit after what happened,
his parent were so happy, that tears and snot were running down their faces.
They were overjoyed, jumped around like little children
and even hugged their dumbfounded neighbours that
were curiously standing around.
They originally just wanted to display theire distain
and wanted to laugh again when Lian falls down lake an old rag.
After all they already did so several times before.
Their expectation got betrait, nevertheless they still had a new topic of gossip.

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