Alone with Dragons-prologue part 1+2


Alone with Dragons     prologue part1

Edited version

Lian Leif is my name.
I´m obviously a boy, even thought i don´t really look like one.
I have a little bit of a short stature, i think i´m currently 1,40 m or so.....maybe a few centimetres more or less
*mumble.muble* or even less.(<--whispering right now, XD )

Well whatever.
My mom seems a little bit obsessed with my hair, so i´m not allowed to cut it.
It´s about the same lenght of my mom´s and reaches all the way to my butt.
I have light brown hair, unlike my parents who both have black hair.
My eyes are green with traces of yellow and blue.
I´ve been told that they change colour depending on the light.
In candle light they look golden, at dawn deep green and when the light shines really bright
they seem to be azure. I don´t like this, since i can´t even see it myself!

I´m currently living on a small island in the island kingdom Kjell
together with my family.
The Kingdom consists of a total of 28 separate islands,
3 large with one of them being covered entirely by our capital.
The capital is called Pirmin after our founding father who came as a messenger
of the gods down to earth.

That should already be 5000 years ago or so, i don´t know exactly.
I´m only 11 right now and i like skipping school on a regular basis, so of course i´m missing some
stuff of the general knowledge*Tehe*.

We have a mild clima all year round.
We don´t have too much rain and it doesn´t get to hot either.
The other two large Islands are primary used to grow crops since the land is quite even.
Additionally there are 14 medium-sized islands and the rest are only small specks of dust around
the others. The island i´m living on, named Jano, is one of those specks of dust,
besides it´s right at the border to the open ocean, but not too far away from the capital.

As such it even has his own school.
That´s fortunate, since if it didn´t have one, i couldn´t go to school at all.
For the reasin why, i have to go back in time for a bit.

                       +  +   +   +

When i was younger, maybe around 5 or 6 years old a huge storm overtook our kingdom.
It was raging for 3 whole days and the vicinity was already severly damaged.
When we thought it was finally calming down,
a strong gust of wind blew in between the gabs of the houses.
a big tree got hit by the wind, was violently uprooted and hit my home.

It destroyed the room and squashed the bed my little 1 year old sister Aiko
and i were sleeping in. I held her in my arms and the trunk hit me hard right in the middle
of my back.

I was severly injured and in a coma for a month, but luckily my sister got away
with a broken leg and a few scratches.
When i woke up and looked at the worried and finally relieved faces of my parents
i was so glad and couldn´t stop crying.

But i was put back to earth soon after.

I was covered in snot and tears and hugged by my mom and dad who weren´t any better of.
I was laying on the side and when i wanted to lift up my arm to put it around my mother,
a sharp pain run through my whole back. I groned  and coughed a few times violently.
*cough cough*
"Ah, don´t move yet Lian!" my mother cryed out.
"Ngh, what happened? Where am i?" I asked in a weak somehow forced voice.
"My son, you have to be strong now. I know this will be hard for you, especially after you´ve just woken up.
During the big storm a few weeks ago, the large tree besides our home, fell right on the house.
You and your sister were buried right undernieth and.........."
"Wait, wait, wait....what about Aiko? Where is she? Is she ok, please.....
oh please tell me nothing happened to her?!" I interrupted my father disoriented and confused,
while grabbing onto him in pain.

He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and looked me in the eyes.

Alone with Dragons     prologue part2

"There is no need for you to worry.

Thought Aiko got hurt, it´s nothing mayor.
She broke her right leg and got some scratches.
Until now she was still crying and thrownig a tantrum,
because she wasn´t allowed to see you.

Hahaha, she really adores you!

But if you hadn´t held her tightly in your arms,she might have died right there.
As such, im so proud of you. Thank you, thank you for protecting your sister.
*sniff* This useless father of yours couldn´t do anything.......and you got hurt so bad!"

Crumbling to the ground with tears in his eyes, i´ve never seen my father like this. It was a really shocking sight.
Why is he crying, i don´t understand. Am i not all right, right here. Aiko is alive and me too, so there isn´t
any reason for him to blame himself....
(AN: Inner monolog)

My beautiful mother sat down beside him and embraced him tenderly,
her long flowing hair falling on his shoulders.
Her thin arms almost aren´t able to hold this grown mans shaking body.

"It´s going to be all right dear, as long as we are all toghether and alive, we can still be happy.
Na, it´s not as if the world is going to end. Come on, you have to be strong, especially for Lian!"

My mothers and fathers words made me curious,
and my heart starting beating wildly in my chest.
It felt like i got stragled by the air around me.
With a forboding feeling i asked my parernts:

"Mom, dad what is with me?" My voice was trembling terribly
Pondering for a while with his sight devoid of any light directed to the ground,
he finally got up after a few minutes.
He took my hands tight and tryed his best to compose himself.
Although his own face was betraying him, showing me deep shadows unders his eyes
and deep wrinkles between his eyebrows, his eyes still moist and bloodshot.

"Lian, you were asleep for two whole weeks.
Your backbones got crushed in many small parts and the doctor doesn´t have much
hope for your injuries to fully heal.

The bones connecting your back with your wings might mend,
but they probably won´t be able to move like before.
Normally when someone brakes just one bone of his wings, it will take at least 6 month
before he or she will fly again.

But in your case it´s not so simple. Not only are your Bones broken in many places
with lots of disconnected parts, but the place is really more problematic.

The place where your wings are connected to your back, is exactly where
the strenght to move them comes from, as such the bones needs to be especially
firm there.

I don´t know if you understand what i´m getting to,
but one thing i can tell you for sure.
And please don´t be to sad when you hear, since we love you
and no matter what, we will always help you.

But you will never again fly!"

I squeased my fathers hand and looked in his face to search for a hint of mockery.
I hoped he was just telling a bad joke.
But no matter how i looked, i only saw worry and sadness. I looked at my mother and her face was
even more devasted than my fathers, or she just couldn´t hide it as well as my dad.

             +   +   +    +

Thinking back on it now, i´m really regretful,
but i´m still glad that i´m blessed with such a loving family.
Maybe it was actually a lucky coincidence since we are now closer than ever.
And i think my future live still holds lots in store for me,
i´m looking forward to!


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