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I should have been sleeping in my room, but when I woke up, I noticed I was naked and in a place I did not know.

Moreover, in appearance of two or three years old child ... ...

I was found by a man, he was lika a cat with a tail and cat's ears.
To be protected carefully while learning the language, in a world i do not understand ......

Update is irregular.

This will be a machine translation.
I do not speak Japanese nor is English my mother tongue.
I will freely edit, so there might be mistakes. And sometimes when I can´t make heads or tails
of the sentence, I will rewrite the machine translated text to fit the context.
I´m doing this entirely by myself and most likely will not take an editor or proofreader,
since I´m quite strange, I´m not good at working with others................
But I still don´t mind if you point out my mistakes in the comments section, but please do not be rude.


Chapter1:                     05.04.17
Chapter2:                     07.04.17
Chapter3:                     08.04.17
Chapter4:                     09.04.17
Chapter5:                     11.04.17
Chapter6:                     11.04.17
Chapter7:                     21.04.17
Chapter8:                     22.04.17
Chapter9:                     06.05.17
Chapter10:                   06.05.17

As celebration for getting10000 Visitors here a smal sketch of Kou.
I think you know which chapter....


So i´m planning to release my own fictunal work here regulary.

I´m not a very good writer but i hope to get better with practice.

A wanrning ahead, this will be a fantasy story with Yaoi and some gore parts in the later chapters!
I will put an extra warning on top of every chapter that contains such!!!

(First cover draft)

Alone with Dragons

The MC is called Lian Leif, one of the winged race, who lives on a small island country in the middle of the ocean. He is often bullied by the other kids of the same age and looked down upon by the adults around.
Reason for this is, because he can´t fly properly and needs help all the time. But everything changes after he finds
a book about the history of the Dragons on the Centralcontinent and something special that is hidden inside.
The beginning of a long journey with many grousome, sad and funny encounters.

Chapter 1

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A comfortable different world life - ─
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