FF Haikyuu Part1

Haikyuu Fanfic (Part I)
Tooru Oikawa x Hinata Shouyou x Ushijima Wakatoshi

This is a fictional story that doesn´t have any relation with the real story
I plan to turn this in a Doijinshi when i have the time^^

This is supposed to play right after they meet at the Spring High prelims
at the toilets (see ch 108). Hinata is still quite intimidated by those two giants that somehow
have gotten interested in this squirly little quy.


Hinata is walking through the shopping district to search for a little souvenier
for his little sister, he got her some cute hair pins and is rather satified with his choice.
He is holding the small bag in his hands when suddenly in front of him Oikawa

Hinata pulls a face like "gheh!" and lets go of the bag in his hands out of surprise.
Oikawa sees him and looking smug like always with a mockig grin in his face,
he picks up the bag.

Hinatas hair standing up like an animal on alert.
He looks annoyed and scared at the same time, when he snatches the bag from
Oikawas Hands and makes a quick turnaround to escape.

But he clashes with a wall that shouldn´t be there, or so he thought.
He looks up and there is something even more scary then just Oikawa,  Ushijima Wakatoshi
is the one he run into.

A sudden feeling of dejavue.....well it hasn´t been long since they met almost the
same way. Small Hinata shrinks all the more in between these large fellows.

"Hina...." "Shit, why the fuck do i have to see your face right here?"
Ushijima gets interrupted from Oikawa. Ushijima furrowing his brows a bit while looking at
Oikawa and then looking calm at Hinata .

"I didn´t expect to meet you here, aren´t you training?"
"Well since it´s a rare chance to be here, i promise my little sister to buy her a souvenier."
Says Hinata while looking down coz he is scared.

"You know, there is no reason for you to be
so scared. It´s not like i´m going to eat you."

Hinata still flinches all scared. Oikawa thinks.
-He really looks a intimidated maybe i should do something to calm him down.-

Ushijima and Oikawa speak at the same time: "do you want to... drink some tee?/eat
something  sweet?" there are flying sparks between them.

Hinata looks confused at both of them, while clenching his bag.

Oikawa and Ushijima´s vains pop and the say
"anyway let´s just go to the cafe over there, those Sempai´s over here are going to pay."

They are sitting down on a small table outside, making somewhat of a strage picture in
between the other customers there. Somewhat like two older brothers looking after
their way smaller one.

Ushijima orders a milktea and Oikawa a cappuchino.
When the waitress asks for Hinatas order his looks embarressed. "I want a strawberry
parfait..........and a coffee,...BLACK please"

Ushijima and Oikawa both looking at him and thinking
-Is he trying to hide his extraordinary sweet order behind the coffee...?-
Hinata still looks stiff  and uncomfortable untill the orders come.

When the huge parfait stands in front of him his eyes begun to sparkel "Itadakimasu"
He eates a spoon full and his cheeks turn pink and he is smiling with a really silly face.
Oikawa and Ushijima pefectly in sync  slurp on there drinks while thinking how absolutely
adorable he is.

Hinata finishes his parfait and starts drinking his coffee in one gulb
with an extremely sour face. He puts the cup down with an obvious "urgh" while he sticks
out his tong coz it´s too bitter for him.

"pfff" a small laugher from Ushijima who instantly
turns away, you would´t belive he could laugh like this when his face is always stoic like

Even Oikawa can´t belive his eyes and Hinata turns red like a tomato from

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