A comfortable different world life_chapter 10

A comfortable different world life_chapter 10                                                                                       06.05.2017

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Co is a special existence

─ Rodokiausu side-

Co that was scared of his Majesty.

On the way home, when Co stopped crying, I was deep in thought when he was looking up at me, he shed tears for a while.

Rather than being afraid of something, like becoming a lost child, he seems to be crying because he´s at a loss.

Why does he look like that even though he´s in my arms?

Why are you crying?

Even when I say something, he just sheds tears quietly.

Will not you tell me why you are crying?

I handed him a water bag, but it was returned with just a little mouth full of water drunk.

Do you want to go home?

Am I not your guardian?

─ ─ ─ ─

I decided to return to my house, not the barracks.

Arrive at home, pick him up and go down from the Sig.

The eyes where the tears have gathered still are painful and red.

Walking to the room and lowering him to the floor, Co looks up at me again.

"Ryodo, talk"


What will be said?

What should I do if he says "I want to return" ......

── However, the words that Co released was not something like this.

"Kou, 10, 8, small, different"

It makes me relieved that he doesn´t say he wants to go home ... but what do you mean?

Tilting his neck, Co diverted his line of sight and picked up the paper.

Although he writes something as it is ...

When I look at his hand, apparently he is drawing a picture.

He is easily drawing, but it was exactly understood what it is.

"The picture is also good."

It is surprising.

It seems that he is not only smart.

But when Co finished drawing it ─ ─


Just saying that, he starts drawing again.

Next Co was drawn.

But he also draws another piece.

I thought whether he will draw Rennaiga, but it looks different.

Feels like a grown up Co ... ...

"Parent ...... No, brother?"

I asked myself unintentionally, but there was no answer for that.

Co pointing at the two sheets of paper that he finished drawing - ─


He said.

That means, that ... ....?

"I'm sorry, Kou, small, different"


Does that mean you want to say that this figure of Co is the same as our beasting !?

Originally the figure of this grown up person?

Having always said "10, 8", did you want to say that Co is 18 years old?

Even with the grown up figure, I can not see him as being 18 ... ...

"This figure is his real figure? I have never seen a beasting that only looks like a person, but did everyone around Co do the same thing?"

Although I ask him unintentionally, Co is only trying to tilt his head.

I knew that the words were not completely understood, but I got excited because of my lack of understanding.

"Can you do big?"

When asked by me, after moving his head a little to the side, he shook his head.

I wonder if he can not do it now, or he does not want to do it in front of me ......

Many people do not like it when you become accustomed to humanization, because the instinct becomes exposed when changed.

...... Co 's figure also has nothing to understand the tribe he belongs to.

"Rodo, beasting"

As I pointed at myself, it seems that Co does not know.

I thought that I will draw a picture like Co and pick up the paper.

I had no chance to draw too many pictures before.

When I was a child I became a beasted figure and after working as a soldier, I do not have to paint a picture.


Showing the things I drew.

Co seemed stunned, he only compares the paper with me.

...... apparently he does not know.

(It is faster to show him)

Take off my clothes to not damage them.

When concentrating and beasting, Co looks up at me and stopped moving.

(Did you get scared?)

The likelihood that Co is able to endure is low because even adults feel scared of Akinist.

That's why I thought I should not get beasted ─

I completely forgot.

──Will he cry?

── Will I be disliked?

After doing it already, I can not do anything about it.

I will look at the situation,from little further away.

However, the Co which got shiny eyes stretched out his hands and stroked my body.

"***** ......! ***! ***** !!"

I am surprised at how excited he is ... ... I can not feel terror or fear from the boy stroking my body, even rubbing his face against my side.

"*** ...... ****"

On the contrary, he is smiling brightly.

"... Co, scary, is it different?"

Still I can not help confirming.

"****, *****!"

He is emphasizing his point ... but what is he saying?

Happy ...... Co who made a face like this.

Is it that he forgot that I do not understand his words?

"I am afraid, not. Like"

Even though he was afraid this much by the humanised King ... ...

Until now I have been feared not only by children but also by adults ....

After all, Co is special.

He seemed to be concerned about being 18, but it is not something to worry about
since I´m already 156 years old.

Lie down next to Co and lick his cheeks.

Far from being scared, Co is happily smiling.

He can not reaching to my face and I lower my head to the floor for him to easily touch.

Stroking my cheeks and forehead with a smile, rubbing the base of the ear with a crickle.


Co stroking my body and face while saying something happy.

Even though there was no one gently stroking my Akinist  body in this way before.

To me - in particular there was none who tried to touch during beasting, and being stroked is a very fresh feeling - ─

It is the same for me that the instinct is exposed during the beasting.

It is because the instinct comes out strongly that the sensation becomes sharper than when being humanized.

I instinctively breath in through my nose to the smell Co.

I notice myself that I want to continue to sniff the smell of Co that sniffs with a sharp sense of smell.

When it was humanising, it was not noticeable, a fragrant scent.

I only thought about the "sweet smell" , and I thought that a child has such a smell.

But, this smell that is so attracting ......

─ ─ ─ ─ Half body?

We have longevity.

It is not uncommon to change marriage partners during their long life.

As with Akinist, those with low fertility are often married as often as possible, and many tribes are considered desirable to change their opponents.

Someone of them may conceive children.

However, there is one exception.

It is the existence of "half body".

The possibility of visiting in once life is extremely low, but those who find it will only look at them.

Both the mind, body and soul will want to have only once other half.

And it is said that the birthrate will be higher with the bodies of the half .

Usually, you´would marry someone without waiting for your "half body" not know about the other, and make a child.

Then there are many people who finish their lives without meeting the half even once.

"Half - body" is said to be understood as soon as you are near.

I have not been taught how to distinguish it, but I have only be told that "You will understand by instinct".

I am not the only one who grew up being told so.

Everyone knows.

The smell of Co, which I noticed by being beasted.

I can only feel it slightly because Co is a child before being from a different race .

He seems to be 18 years old, but he is a child who just began to be humanized.

I can not put my hands on him before he becomes an adult.

After recognizing "half smell", my instinct wanted Co, but I managed to suppress it with reason.

It´s also unbeliveable that he can humanize.

...... I do not want to regret later.

Even though I judged that I was going to attack Co if I stayed like this.

I already became his guardian, I can not just jump Co.

"... Ryodo, pain?"

However, if he says such a thing with an anxious face, I feel guilty.

I know that Co does not think like this about me.

It seems he only thinks of me as a person who protects Co.

"It hurts,different. It´s ok."

However, I am different.

There are many things that still can not be understood yet, a half-body child of an unknown tribe......

Think of the future with Co who has got a relieved face.

Should I leave before my reason get overwhelmed?

...... But I do not want other people to come near Co.

I wonder, was I frustrated when Co was closely associated with Rennaiga, because it was already instinctively noticed by me.

I wonder if I can bear it,before my sight will turn red with desire for him?

I never thought that I would realized the danger of loosing your reason for those who were in front of the "half - body" , just by listening to storys.

─ ─ But, I do not want to be hated by Co.

(The other party is a child)

Although I would like to tell him many times, it may not make much sense.

I have to wait until Co is growing at least.

Can I explain the half-body and get it understood?


"What happened?"

I wonder whether it became suspicious behavior?

"Thank you"

But Co said that with a smile.

Even though I did not do things to be thanked for.

Stroking his head makes him smile brighter.

Have you not felt the smell of a half body Co?

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