A comfortable different world life_chapter 2

A comfortable different world life-chapter2                                                                                                   07.04.17

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...... City?

The man got on the back of the creature while holding me.

Because I could not sit stable, I was fixed to the body of the man with a cloth.

...... It looks like a baby's hug string.

(Is he serious !? This position ......)

I know that my body is way too small.

...... I can not reach the reins.

While I was thinking something for a moment  I got moved with one hand, I was lifted and closely stuck to his body, and now I am in this state.

There is no power to protect myself because I can not communicate.

There is a possibility that public order may be a little worse than in Japan.

It´s better to keep quiet here.

My future is likely with this guy who is holding me.

If he will take care of me, my future and the environment I will live in, is determined by his commandment.

If sold to someone as it is, even if I´m made into a slave, it´s no good as there is no future.

I can not think that I can work because I am a child in a world in which I can not communicate with anyone.

"*****? *******"

He should have understood that I can not understand him, but he will still always speak with me.

I do not feel malice from him, if he is a good person, or if he will cheat me ... I can not yet make a decision.

I wish he could be a good man worried about me who grew younger.

After all, the language barrier is big.

(Why am I like this ... ...)

What am I supposed to do?

It´s only been about 3 months since I entered university, but today I was sleeping in and skimming my lectures .

... ... Was that bad?

This situation is too real to be a dream, right?

( I, can I not go home anymore?)

Is there a guarantee that I can go back?

Do I have to go live in such a unknown world?

The everyday life I was spending was not the best for me.

Still, the damage seems to have been bigger than I thought, thinking about loosing the days I fought with my family and friends and laughing together.

Tears flowed awakwardly.

Once overflowing, it will not stop so easily ─ ─

"********!? **********?"

The man notices that I am crying, He´s telling me something, but I can not stop.

The man who was puzzled stroked my back for a while to appease me.

"****. *********"

Saying something, hugging me with one arm.

As it was, I was shedding tears - but, it seems that I fell asleep after crying a lot of tears.

─ ─ ─ ─

It was very noisy when I woke up.

"******! **********"


It seems that the man is talking to someone.

(... ... It sounds like it was not a dream)

Even though I wake up, I still have to be in this unknown world.

"********. ****"


They are still talking about something.

"...... Hua"

While I was yawning, the line of sight of the man was pointed at me.


I can be stroked at my head.

After all he looks like a good person.

"*********? *******"

The man who was talking to the man said something.

I did not understand what he was talking about, and I only thought he is talking to the man.


But he seemed to be talking to me and pulled my hair.

"******! ********** !!"

I knew that the man was angry at the other person.

I try my best to remove his hand from my hair, but I am quite troubled.

Then the man intervenes and separates the hand of the other guy with a rough move of bending his fingers in unfavorable direction.

"***** !!"

I look  at him when he rises his voice due to the pain ─ ─


I was unintentionally in blank surprise.

It's a a secret that he is quite a handsome young guy.

As for  the head ... ... he´s got something like red bunny ears.

His hair is also red, he´s drooping eyes and the eye color is yellow.

Bunny ears, although vertical and sideways compaired with the other men are large ......

I think that I should not be wrong as a Japanese boy when I think it´s "Creepy" .


It is the other guy who is roaring with his voice while looking at enraged.

Probably because I had a terrible rejecting face.

(In this world, if beast ears are equipped as standard equipment, I guess I am irregular for  others)

Is there a person like me?

"******. ********. ****"
"*******? ****?"
"*********. ********"
"****!? ***************?"

They are talking with each other.

The bunny's ears seem to be surprised at something.

I wonder if it´s about the explanation about me.

(Learning the language is the top priority)

It is impossible to communicate unless I can remember simple words.

When I was listening to the conversation of the two persons vaguely, I noticed that the same words were used many times.

Is it a mutual name ...?

"**, **?"

When the bunny's ears speak to the cat's ears, the two look at me who tryed to speak the words they used the most.

(Did I pronounce it wrong?)

"*** ??"

Is that something different?

I listen again, I feel that it is different from the sound of the bunny's ears.

"**** ??"

(That? It is more different ... ....?)

Bunny ears, will not you tell me again?



For some reason I got the two people to start laughing.

The cat ears is stroking my head again.

I understood that I was being laughed at because I could not pronounce it well.

"What the hell ! Even you can not talk the words I speak!"

Stretch out and tap the cheeks close to the jaw where his hands reach.

Even receiving that, cat ears laughs.

Even if punched to the stomach, it seems that the abdominal muscular body does not receive any shock.

When I give up, my head gets stroked by bunny's ears.


I hit that hand.



He is saying something while laughing again, but I ignore it.

While riding on the creatures like a mix between a horse and a wolf, we keeps advancing comfortably

If you think there are similar living things around you, there is only one with cat ears on it.

Bunny ears is walking beside us.

I do not know where he is going, but are we heading to the same place as bunny ear?

Many people have a tail and their ears, and there are things that seem scary even more than those without it.

Is it like a game character, a world where everyone is a beast?

Before I knew it I might be able to go back to my original world?

I do not even know the way how I came here I have no way to do it.


Once we stopped at a place, the cat ears removed the cloth fixing my body.

Apparently there seems to be something to do here.

Waiting for cat ears as well as bunny ears I will probably have to wait for cat ears.

(What am I supposed to do?)

Even with such a doubt, I was raised up by the cat's ear, and I understood that he is going to take me with him.

We goe into a certain building.

I was lifted up by the cat's ears.

Bunny ears follows from behind.

(Where is this?)

There are a lot of people.

Moreover, it seems they are staring. (TN: It says they are seeing girojiro, something like a soundeffect when someone looks intensly)

I do not know if they are watching me, or because cat ears is someone famous , or even some different reasons.


"********. ******"



People talking to cat ears and bunny ears.

After all the cat ears may be a great person?

They seem to be afraid of being near him.

It is also before the bunny's ears ......

Perhaps the bunny's ears has also a great position.

Bunny ears do not seem to bother about the though atmosphere.

It may be "a person not depending on the appearance".

Even so ......

(There is something wrong with it)

Is it because everyone possesses weapons?

It seems to be various depending on individuals, such as swords, clubs, ... ....

Is this a world where fighting is frequent?

Is there awareness here of the concept of "country"?

If I do not know anything, it is still bad.

I have to remember the words, can I get a lecturer?

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