A comfortable different world life_chapter 3

A comfortable different world life-chapter3                                                                                                 08.04.17

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Small variant

TN: Somehow this chapter was a lot of effort, maybe it seemed so long because of
the machine translator that only gives out strange sentences. Especially when the mc tryes
to talk.

─? Side

When I came to the place where I occasionally take a break, there already was a guest.

A child sleeping on the side of the fountain.

Why is a child in such place?

Moreover, naked.

I thought he was dead, but he seems to be asleep.

I can not find anything that seems to be an injury, rather than being thrown away, perhaps it is better to say he was just to put here.

There is no tail, he has round ears with no hair growing ...... There are no scales or feathers, what kind of tribe is this?

I have never seen something like this before.

Black hair, a child of an unknown tribe.

If you are just born and for a few years afterwards, you should be in the form of a beast.

Even though it is said that there are a few people who can take the appearance of a human child.

We are born in the form of the tribe and begin to humanize in search of mobility.

Even adults will become beasted if they lose their reason.

In other words, it is the original figure.

I'm supposed to be somewhat unusual, an Akinist.

While being a tribe with enough power to be said as "the shadow champion", the reproductive ability is extremely low, and it is said that I will be the last Akinist.

If it is not two Akinists, a pure Akinist can not be born.

Because there is no unmarried Akinist now, there is no way that a pure Akinist will be born, no matter who I am number.(TN: In a later chapter they explaine, that the chosen marriage partner will be called number instead of husband or wife)

That is not the only cause, but in the custom of getting married as soon as someone becomes an adult, I have not married after I became an adult.

(There is no one around......)

There is no one in the surroundings of the child.

On the contrary, there is not a single person.

Only the kid sleeping alone.

I have to ask him why he is alone in such a place.

I turned around and approached the fountain, and decided to wake him up.

"It is dangerous to sleep here!"

Even if I call out, he just moves his eyebrows.

"Why are you here?"

I shook his body and started talking, he finally awoke.

Just like his hair, his eyes are also black.

However, he is watching his hand for some reason.

"What's wrong? Did you get hurt?"

The child with the somewhat strange appearance raised his body without answering me and is looking around.

"... .... ******?"

However, I have never heard the words that were told in a small voice.

Even in other countries, we often use similar words.

... ... Has he come from a closed village?

However, I do not know the race, it is a mysterious child.

(Where did this child come from? ... But,  it does not make sense, it is impossible to understand him)

He may not be able to return home.

I wonder if such a small child, won´t be missed by his parents.

I have not gotten married yet, and I have never had a chance to get in touch with other children.

I can not understand how someone could just leave him here ... ...

Suddenly, the child was on the banks of the fountain.

He is staring at me from there.

Is there something you want to say?

(Did he get closer to a fountain because he is thirsty?)

With a child's body, you will not be able to drink water from the shore.

"Are you thirsty? Will this be easier for you to drink?"

I present him a water bag, but he can not help feeling confused.

If you do not understand the words, you will not be able to communicate such simple things to your opponent.

Demonstrated and presented again, he finally received it and drank it.

He drunk a lot, probably because he was way too thirsty.

He had been drinking for a while, until he was finally satisfied.

"Would you like to go with me? Even though you are here, it's dangerous"

When I speak out, he looks up at me with a blank face.

(Well, that's right)

Because he does not know what I am talking about.

Remove the water bag from his hand, close the lid, and put it away.

What should I do to make him recognize that I am not a dangerous person?

"Let's go, can you walk?"

Pointing to the place where my Donikron was waiting - ─


The child who tried to stand up saying something was hardened by seeing his own body whether he was aware that he was naked.

"Wrap this around"

He tried to receive it when I handed a cloth substituting for clothes, so I wrapped it around his body.

"This is all right"

I thought that I could go like this, but the kid seemed like he wanted to do it himself.

"I will buy clothes later"

Even if you call out, the child will not stop his hands.

However, apparently it seemed that he wanted it to feel more like clothes.

He tryes to pull both ends to give me some kind of signal.

When I tie it around his shoulder and waist, he showed a satisfied smile.

"You are great"

He can not make himself understood, but his intelligence seems to be high.

I do not know how old this boy is because normal children do not humanize.

I was stroking his head unconsciously, but I decided that I would just go with picking him up like that.

"Do not worry, I will help you."

I tell the child looking up from inside my arms, but he still does not seem to understand.

He seems to be wary.

... It can not be helped.

My riding horse is a Donikron.

The name is Sig.

This race decides their Lord themself, it is a difficult creature to ride this way.

In the case of putting anyone else other than the Lord, it is impossible unless Donikron 's permission is given.

(Will this child be okay?)

But something surprising happened.

Because Sig licked the cheeks of the child.

Besides me, he has never gotten close to someone else.

Vice versa, the child seems to be scared.

He clung to me.

"Are you scared? Sig will not attack you?"

Sig's licking his cheeks is because he will not attack.

When I caressed his head, I understood that the child was relieved.

I wonder if you thought you were stupid?

"Do not be scared, he won´t eat children, it's not funny!"

When I laughed in spite of myself, he beat my shoulder with a fist.

However, because he beats a place with armor, his small hand turned red.

I saw that he was breathing on it and I was rubbing herbs unconsciously.

He shows that he is annoyed because it stings, but it means that the herbal remedy is effective.

After rubbing the herbs, he smelled the smell of his hands.

I think he murmured something ......

I picked him up and took him on Sig and fixed his small sized body to my body with a cloth.

He will not become unstable even if I release my hand from him.

The child became quite well behaved.

Somehow his face turned dark like there is something bothering him ... but what's the matter?

"What's wrong? Do not worry."

Even if I call out, he does not look up.

On the contrary, he began to shed tears.

"What's wrong? Where does it hurt?"

Even though I rush to call out to him, the child in fact only increases weeping.

It will not be comforting, but I try to stroke his back.

"All right, I will be your guardian."

Hug him with the arm opposite to the hand with the reins.

What is your parent doing to leave such a small child alone?

Besides, he got left behind naked.

The child was crying for a while, but he seems to have fallen asleep, maybe he was tired of crying.

(Really, why was he alone in such a place?)

Even if you leave him behind, you probably do not have to put him in places where people rarely pass.

Considering that, I think that it was good to stop by for a break.

Here I will only come occasionally because there is a grass that Sig likes.

Because of its habit, Donikron is not in high demand.

He is stronger than other vehicles and has fast legs, but because he can only be ridden by a person who he has chosen as his Lord, there is no one who likes to come out here besides me.

Those who come here for purposes other than that grass ,not to be funny but there won´t be anyone.

─ ─ ─ ─

I got to the town where my house was.

"That? Captain?"

As I walked slowly, my subordinate came near.

Renaiga Sokinuku of the Third Corps Vice-Captain.

His body is bigger than mine, but he is friendly and easy to understand.

He is from the race of Shikusu, a tribe who is good at combat capabilities.

"... Well, is that a kid?"

He´s looking into my arms.

"Oh, that's it."

"... .... How come it is already humanized! What is this?"

"Do not speak this loud! He is sleeping"

I blamed him for being loud.

Because he was tired from crying, I want to let him sleep slowly.

"The captain has a loud voice!"

(... it certainly got out loud)

I can not care about such a thing ......

"More than that, I have decided to keep this child"

"...... I do not mean it's a normal lost child ... ..."

It seems that Rennaiga thought there was a special reason, but that reminds me, why was there only a choice for me to pick him up?

When I thought about it, I heard a voice.

When i take a look, the child has yawned.

"Did you get up?"

When i stroke his head, he doesn´t seem to dislike it, but he looks at me.

Was his vigilance fading a bit?

"Can not you greet or what kind of discipline has been done?"

Why is anger coming up in the words of Rennaiga that is amazed?

"Are you listening?"

A child is trying to pull his hair from his hand which he pulled on lightly.

"Release him! What are you doing to such a small child !!"

I forcibly bent his fingers and take his hand away.

"Ite ~e~e~e!" (TN: Something like, it hurts. But I like the sound oft the japanese version better^^)

The miserable scream of Rennaiga echoes, but why am I so angry?

I don´t actually like children so much.

"What, that face!"

When I looked over to the boy due to Renneiga´s words, his face was twisted enormously.

Although he shows discomfort, he doesn´t turn to show such a face to me.

"This child was in an unpopular place, there was no one around, there were no footprints and he doesn´t speek our language, either"

"Language? Captain, where on earth did he come from?"

"I said that I could not ask, he was sleeping there stark naked,"

"Naked! Well then, even if the captain keeps him, you will not find the parents?"

I roughly explained the situation of finding this boy - ─

"Cha, cho?"

The child said something.

"Oktopus ??" (TN: They understood Ta ̄ cho, what means octopus, because he can´t pronounce it.)

After saying, he´s tilting his head.

this is……

"Cha ni ~yucho??"(TN: now he is saying something like Tea-ceremony i

(Do you want to say captain?)

He can not say at all.

"Ah ha ha, it is very good!"

"You do not have to push yourself"

Renaiga laughed, I felt pleasant and stroked his head.

"***! **********"

However, he got angry whether he thought he was being made a fool of.

He is beating against me, but it does not hurt at all.

When I laughed in spite of myself, I was beaten at my belly.

... ... It did not hurt at all, though.

When Rennaiga stroked his head, he pounds his hands.

"You do not have to call me captain"

"He has likely pickled it up from our conversation just now,"

It seemed that he was completely in a bad mood and did not turn to look at me or speak.

(It was bad to laugh) (TN:I understand, but I would have laughed as well, coz it´s cute!!!)

Because we talked, he is listening, listening very closely.

He seems to have misunderstood that "Captain" is my name.

As I go through the town, I am looking forward and around.

I feel like the people are watching here, rather than me looking at the town.

Even when they saw me they were hardened already, I wonder if they have never seen someone like the boy?

What kind of closed place did he come from?

"We arrived"

When I removed the cloth that fixed his body to mine, our line of sight finally matched.

He´s showing an anxious appearance, but I realized that he was relieved when I picked him up.

As for depending on me, it can be seen from  many standpoints, but young people have never tried to approach me.

Somehow, he is a child who I really want to protect.

"Third Corps Captain !"

"Oh, there is also the vice-captain, thank you for your work"

"I will take a rest ahead of you."

"Good work."

Those who were inside noticed us and spoke to us while saluting.

Here is the Barracks of the Third Corps.

In other words, here are my men.

The Captain of the corps and deputy captain Renneniga take their leave and head home.

I just came back for the report of my return and for this child's report.

"Captain, who is this?"

"Oh, I protected him because he was sleeping naked in the wilderness, he can not make himself understood, he´s got neither a tail nor the scales and feathers, so the race is unknown."

"Well, can you protect him as an orphan, should I send him to the facility?"

Usually, an orphan will only just be send to the facility.

"Didn´t I say that the words of the child can not be understood? So I decided to take him in, he will be my son from today on."

The child looked up at me and kept looking at the stained faces of surroundings.

"From today, I am with you, together ... Do you understand?"

I know that I can not communicate with words, but I also have to teach it to him.

"...... Itcho?"

I do not understand the meaning of his words but I just have  to talk with him many times.

I think that he is cute.

"Yes, we are together."

While stroking his head, I turned my head, but when I smiled at him, my child also smiled.

It seems that vigilance against me has fallen as well.

If so, let's tell him my name, to not be called Captain again.

"Rodokiausu Serafīne"

I make a serious face with a direct tone and repeat it while pointing at me many times.

"Ri ~yodo…… su?"

Then somehow he said it, but it seems to be too long to catch.

I have a troubled face.


"Ri ~yodo, kisu?" (TN: lol....sounds like kissing Ryodo)

Even that name seems difficult.


Then, I tell him a nicknamed and it´s  good.




Is it because he is young or because his tongue is short?

"Ryodo, *****!"

He is trying his best to express it, so I decided not to ask for any more.

If he grows up, he will probably manage to do it somehow.


This time he points at himself and says something.

Is it a name?


Although I try to say something, he shakes his head to tell me it is different.


I speaks many times, but he shakes his head to me.


After a while, he spoke a brief word.

He seems to have compromised.




He nodded with a reluctant touch.

Something seems to be different, but we have to compromised with each other.


Rennaiga is also trying to make him remember his name.


"You could say it well!"


Rainneiga caresses his head and praises him.

...... Why do I think that I do not like it?

Is it because Co seems to be laughing?

"Rien ****!"

He clings to my legs and says something to Renneiga.

He may be complaining, when you look at how he sticks his tongue out.

...... And why am I relieved?

"I will go home"

I pick him up again and leave the barracks.


"go back home"

Speaking slowly, I try to repeat that word.

"Home, back go?"

"That's it"

When I nod, he shows a smile again.

"Home, back go"

He does not know the meaning, but he said it again.

As I draw the reins of Sig, I head towards my house.


Point at me and say my name again.

Then point to Sig.


"Chi ~igu?"



After all it is the tongue.

Speaking of being a child, it seems to be like this.

While teaching him various ways of talking, I did not buy the clothes for Ko to wear, so I bought cloth and arrive home.

I arrived home.

"I´m home"


He´s pointing at my house and tilting his head.

"Rodo, house"

"Ryodo, no? ... ... house? ****

It seems that he is excited after all.

I do not know what he is saying, but his eyes are sparkling.

"House, home!"

"Oh, we are home."

It seems he understood the meaning, he´s glad and swings his arms around.

It seems that intelligence is not bad after all.

In this condition, it seems that it won´t be too late to learn the words.

─ Rodokiausu side end ─

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