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Not just a child

─ Rodokiausu side-


Show a finger.


With the other hand, show one finger again, and put your fingers standing with both hands.

...... Do you mean you want to memorize numbers?

Speaking about words.

That seems easier for Co to learn than words .

Show a finger.



Let your fingers be double.



In that way, teach until ten.

Co is fast enough to remember while stumbling a bit with his tongue.

In the blink of an eye, he learned to count from one to ten.

"Hichi, you, Shan, Cha, Ryo, Rich, Tachi, Hiki, Ku, Ju"

As someone who is familiar to being alone, there is no sense of discomfort with the voice of the child as much as I expected.

After thinking about it, I even think that it is pleasant whe he looks up at as if to say "How was it?".

Although I should not have had a habit of stroking someones head, the head of Co gets stroked immediately.

"Kou, ten, eight"

I still do not know the meaning of that words he says sometimes.

However, there are things I want to know variously, but what I care most about is the power of Co.

Co might not be aware of it himself, but I went to the place with the fountain because I sensed a mighty power.

I thought that a new kind of demon appeared.

"Ryo, do, oh yeah, well, yeah, sorry,"

(Can you write letters already?)

The written letter seem only to be unrelated.

(In the future, it seems likely he will become a great person)

It may be better for the future of Co to ask for the guidance of a teacher.

"Ryodo, *****?"

When I was deep in thought, Co looked into my face.

"What's wrong?"

"Ryodo, *******? *****"

He´s saying something, but I can not understand.

But ─ ─ he somehow caressed my head.

Is this ... he is comforting me?

To estimate from the size of the body, Co is about 2-3 years old.

He only cried once, and now he is acquiring letters and words without crying.

Ordinarily, it would only be anxiety to be with a stranger in an unknown place.

He does not even cry if he wants to see his parents.

Sometimes he has sad eyes, but he does not openly show it at all.

Sometimes he makes a face that looks dissatisfied when I treat him like a child, but he´s basically clever enough to listen to everything I tell him .

Co is a child like that.

"Do not worry, it's ok."

" ?A, ro?"

"All right"

"Are, al righ?"

"Oh ... not it, yes"



When making an affirmation, "yes" to make it unified answer.

That is because Co does not need to be confused.

A number of words that he mastered in just a few hours.

There are also characters that can be written.

His intelligence seems to be quite high.

What kind of life have you been living so far?

Talking with Co took forever, before I even noticed it.

"Co, meal"

However, it's almost time for dinner.

Aren´t you hungry?

Are you giving priority to memorizing words and just forgetting your hunger?


"Eat. Eat"

It seems that I got him to understand as soon as I made him stuff to eat.

Co is often guessed from action and learns words.

"Tak. Talk"

"I am hungry, I'm vacant"

"Hara, why?"

"I am hungry, I'm vacant"

"Hara, you did it" (TN: If you want to say you are hungry in japanese, you can say hara heta,
what literally means something like your stomach is vacant or empty.)

Repeat until many pronunciations are reached.

Why I do not think it is troublesome is, that Co makes a smile every time he learns new words?

He is a really mysterious child.

At my house, we do not keep employees on hand.

They came to my parents house, but I live by myself here.

I sometimes hire a person to clean up and sometimes eat out for meals.

It does not inconvenience me.

However, the body of Co is small, and the size does not match with the clothes being sold.

I bought some cloths, but I am not good at sewing.

Co handed the cloths well in the front, and the waist is bound with a cloth instead of a string.

Were you wearing these clothes?

(Will I go to a tailor tomorrow?)

Today is already late so I decided to take him tomorrow.

"Meals, go outside, go"

"Where is it?"

"Go outside,"

"I will go there for a while" (TN: He somehow starts speeking baby speech, must look really hilarious for a grown up, muscular adult male ^^ Not much different from a "oya baka")

I pick him up and head outside.

Meanwhile, Co is keen to study.

Eat exclusively at the barracks' bar.

I sometimes eat it in a different place, but this time I headed there.


The men who noticed me and who calls me.

I told you that you do not have to salute during a meal.

"Captain! Co also came"

It seemed there was also Rennaiga who came close.

"Ryodo, captain, I talk, they talked."

As soon as Co talked, Rennaiga was astonished at an interesting place.

However, he seems to be relieved quickly - ─

"Captain! Co is talking!"

It seems that he points to Co and is excited.

"Oh, in this short time, he became able to talk about easy words, there are words that he can write and his intelligence seems high" (TN: Now he´s bragging!)

I wonder if the surprise is even better, since he also knows that he could not talk at all, and did not understand anything.

"Awesome, you are great!"


A cheeky Co with a strong heart is such a cute child.

Reach the seat while lifting him up and put Co on my knees.

Otherwise, Co 's hand does not reach the table.

Renneiga also arrived at the same seat somehow.

Because he is interested in Co, he seems to never get in touch with children.

Co is sitting on my knee, but if he does not extend his hands quite a bit, he will not reach the table.

"I have to prepare a chair for Co"

What you need can be made.

Not only clothes but also dishes etc are necessary.

Let me make a desk.

Now he lies down on the floor when he is writing letters.

The ones in that house are all fitted to me, so it will be inconvenient for Co.

"... ... you have a lot of child troubles"

Rennaiga who is disturbing my face somehow.

Did I change so much?

I only thought that it will be hard to use for Co.

Because there is no child to humanize, there is no item that can be used by Co.

"Ryodo, *****"

He looked up at me and told me something.

Because there are many words that he does not understand yet, he often uses the original words.

However, unlike Co, which could gradually talk more words, I can only hear the name of Co.

Compromises from me as the adult must be made.

Moving on my knee, between my legs, standing directly on the chair.


"Ryodo, good boy"


For a moment my thought stopped.

Co hugs me and strokes my head as it is.

Such a young Co looked like an adult.

"Co, good child"

I hug the small body.

It was probable that I happened to meet and met Co.

I think that this encounter was inevitable.

"*****? ********. **********************"

"What's wrong?"

He understood what I said, and let go of my body.

Then --

"*******. **********. ****"

Also after he said something, he looked like crying.

"What happened!?"

Although I do not know why Co coincides with this expression when I asked, but Co closed his eyes.

What on earth is it?

Even though he was laughing until a while ago.


"... .... arright"

Co with the eyes closed.

It seems as though he is telling this to himself.


"Arright ... ... nothing"

When he opened his eyes again, he smiled the same as before.

(Did not you say "Do not worry"?)

I can not think of such a thing.

What was that crying face ...?

To not tell to me, he is refraining.

Although I just became his guardian, I feel that I have been shown a thick invisible wall.

I did not think that I would be trusted immediately, but I thought that I was almost totally trusted by Co because he showed a nice impression to me.

(Was I wrong?)

Why is Co not telling me his feelings?

Although there may be no way to do that now, it would be nice if he depends more me.

Why ,I did not like children, did I have cold eyes?

I do not know what to say.

It seems that Rennaiga seems to be the same, looking at Co and me alternately with a confused expression.

(Although it is known that it can not be helped even if I get impatient, ... ...)

I think that I have to wait until Co learns more words, and than he can still talk about his feelings.

(... ... When the pickup comes ... ...)

When that idea was over my head, I felt as if my eyes were dyed red.

Perhaps I will not allow it.

I can not forgive those who left Co naked in such places.

Besides, I noticed that I can not imagine the future where I live apart from Co.

Why am I so obsessed?

I just got acquainted with him today and I I do not know anything about him yet.

Co is not just a "protected child" for me ... ....?

So, what do I want from Co?

Even though I finished eating while being asked the names of various things by Co, I did not answer.

─ Rodokiausu side end ─

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