A comfortable different world life_chapter 5

A comfortable different world life-chapter 5                                                                                                11.04.17

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The increasing sense of guilt

TN:Sorry for the delay, was busy in my garden^.^

The guy who protected me seems to be in a great position.

There are many things that I do not understand yet, so I do not know the details, but everyone salutes.

Bunny ears also calls cat ears with the same designation as the other people.

In other words, bunny ears seems to be a subordinate of cat ears.

Because he´s not afraid like the other people, their position may be close.

The thing that everyone is saying, is most likely not the name of a cat ears, probably a position.

And, how they call the bunny ears is slightly different from the cat ears.

Because they are a well-regarded group, they may be soldiers.

Standingly, cat ears might be the captain and bunny ears the deputy captains. (TN: Co you are just too smart)

And it seems I got to live with cat ears.

There was only cat ears, he took me to a large house.

In order to teach me words, I asked various questions.

I also learned how to write things that seemed easy, such as the names of objects and numbers.

Cat ears doesn´t give me hateful looks.

Even though I wouldn´t like to take care of a troublesome guy who costs extra money and does not understand words, I would usually dislike it.

Do you like kids?

But, there were no children in the town.

There were some creatures, but no children beasts.

What does that mean?

Even though I walk around, I do not know the meaning of them looking at me with surprised faces.

Because I´m no beast?

Because there is no tail?

Because there are no scales?

Or because cat ears is with a child?

As a reason, it might be something like this.

Even if there are other reasons, I do not know.

The words of this world are hard to pronounce, and it seems that everyone can hear a linguistic tone.

Because my appearance has become young, I´ve become able to smile more.

But, cat ears, could not pronounce my name well.

Aoyama niji.

I guess it eans something like "A rainbow of the blue mountain is a poem?"(TN:I´m sure I didn´t translate this right.)

When I was named by my mother, it seems to be meaningful and it becomes "a person like a rainbow (bridge) connecting even the sky".

... but, I've never done such a thing before.

I never did arbitration put up a fight, and I do not want to thrust my head into such a troublesome thing in the first place.

I'm such a guy.

I do not want to be deeply involved with other people.

I do not want to be with anyone.

A thin human relationship is sufficient.

...... I thought so.

Cats ears is kind to me because I´m a child that  can not understand anything.

Because I thinks that such kindness could not have been given if I was in my original form.

I feel like I´m deceiving him.

So, I try to tell him that I am 18 years old, but it has not yet been conveyed to cat ears.

But I think that I would like to stay like this now.

I can not survive, if I've been swept away now.

I am using the kindness of the cat ear to live.

Cat ears that does not know anything is touching me gently because he thinks that I am a child.

That is why I have to learn the language as soon as possible so that I do not bother cat ears.

If I pretend to be a child like this, I will be able to be provided a safe place.

I will be able to buy anything and I can live without inconvenience.

If I want to keep fooling him, I can definitely do it.

But, I think that as a person.

I have to go live by myself.

Apart from the cat ear, if there is a facility like an orphanage, there will be no choice but to go there.

I do not have a working place for me now.

In this world that has only muscular casualty, even for me in my original form, there seems to be no work to be done.

Cat ear that my chair is saying how.

"**, there is no such need"

Certainly, even if you are sitting on the lap of a cat ear, it is hard to reach the dishes on the table.

In other words, it is said that the cat ears prepares a child's chair, and the bunny ears is amazed by such cat ears.

"**, ***"

Standing between the knees, hugging the cat ears, caress his head.

One of the words he told me.

From the feeling, it will be something like "great", "amazing" "good child".

What I said now is a word that seems to be a "good child".

It is not funny to be told that I am insulting him when I say such a word in the form of a child.

But, I have not learned the words meaning "thank you" and "I'm sorry".

So, I could only think of saying something like this.

"Co, ***"

The same words are awarded.

"What are you saying? I am deceiving you. If you know the real me, I do not think you would want to take care of me."

My words can not be understood by cat ears.

"*? ****?"

Perhaps, he wonders what 's going on?

When I'm having a dark face or casting some doubt, I always fall back to speaking japanese.

The cat ears is a nice and gentle guy.

"I will talk to you someday. Please hold on in the meantime until then, sorry."

I almost cried.

I am so cunning.

It is equal to trampling on his good intentions.

Cat ears that gives off an impatient voice.

Close your eyes to cry so it won´t get noticed.


Talking without knowing the meaning of meaninglessness, or anything.

"****. ...... **"

You do not need to worry.

Although I´m turning a nice smile to him, the cat ears distorted his face.

(The deception will probably pass)

It may be because there is a mission to protect those who are weak because of his position.

Bunny ears also has a subtle look, looking at the cat ears and me alternately.

Ignoring the gaze of those two people, while talking to the name of the thing, the meal was taken to my mouth.

While it is delicious as a whole, it´s not especially tasty either.

Everything in Japan that could be made with different materials.

I think that it wouldn´t be good not to accept it.

When I finished eating, I was lifted up by the cat ear again.

The reason is easy, because I am barefoot.

Cat ears that seemed to have no children's clothes and shoes, and told me "tomorrow" as usual.

I guess he will go buy it tomorrow.

He bought cloth today, but that cloth is worn now.

I am wearing it like a bathrobe.

Isn´t there any  children's clothes in the neighborhood?

Is there any reason why the town does not have children?

─ ─ ─ ─

I came back to the house of the cat ear again.

By the way, he said "tomorrow", but does cat ears not have to work?

Although, he seems to be a great person.

If cat ears goes to work, what should I do?

Following him, I will only be an obstacle, am I staying at home?

Will someone else teach me?

Someone like cat ears, a person who will patiently teach me is appreciated.


He called my name and Ilooked up, he stroked my head again.

Do you like kids?

He's a handsome man, he looks like a great person, I do not seem to be inconvenienced by the other party.

It would be good, if you made some children of your own.

......are your Ideals too high?


He said something again.

Since cat ears acts immediately after something occures, grasping the meaning of the words is relatively easy.

In the meantime, imitate pronunciation many times.

If I make a mistake, he will say it again and again, so I think it is faster to memorize more.

If it wasn´t for cat ears patience, I could not acquire new words so quickly.

(It's a bath!)

It seems that it was bathing time what said a little while ago.

But, cat ears getting wet with water, is it okay?

Because it is different from the "cat" of the earth, is it not related?

I still do not understand well.

I knew it was like the country of a beastman, but it might be like a custom that only a beast person can understand.

It may be quite difficult for me to understand all things in this world.

... Well, before that, I can not say anything unless I remember the words.

I do not have an especially bright head, and I was not interested in knowing different cultures.


I thought about such a things without noticing, I was peeling off the cloth unnoticed and put in the bath.

I do not know if it's a habit, that it´s a little warm, or if it is because of me.


Cat ears often talks to me, aren´t you supposed to be a silent type?

Even though you are telling me what I have not learned, I can not understand.

It is the same in the bath that I can be placed on his knees.

After all, he has a whole body muscular body.

Although he looks like a military person, is it possible he does dangerous work so that he  must be trained so much?

Will it be during the war?

But, I did not feel the air that he killed someone before, and the people other than the bunny ears also felt bright.

Are you preparing in case the enemy will come?

Or are you just not showing such atmosphere to me?

...... I do not understand well after all.

Well, I just came today and I will be able to understand it later.

...... Or rather, can I find a way to go home?

I also want to know the reasons for shrinking, I also want to know the reason why I came to this world.

Why am I supposed to come to this world with such a figure?

TN: I talked with a friend of mine living in japan.
       It´s right that Co´s name can be read as either niji or kou, but since I can´t ask
        the mc I can´t be certain wich is right.
        Maybe he´s called niji which might be extremely hard to pronounce
        for the beastfolk and he gave an easier speakable name as compromise.
        But even Kou is hard to say, so everyone calls him Co.

        For the time being I will leave it like this until someone more knowlegeable
        appears to correct me.
        I will remind you that I´m from germany so my english and japanese are lacking,
        corrections are always welcome ^^!

        Thank you Sulley

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Kommentar von Kenzi, 14.07.2017 um 10:45 (UTC):
Ususally, in Japan, they will introduce themselves with their full names and call each other by their last names so its more likely that Kou was, at first, telling them his last name but, because it was too difficult, he used his shorter first name instead. Though in Japan its thought to be more intimate.

Kommentar von Sulley, 11.04.2017 um 08:12 (UTC):
Thanks for the new chapter!

Also, this is just a guess (since I don't know how to read Japanese), but I think Co's real name is actually Kou and not Niji? It doesn't make sense to me how Rodo got Co from Niji so I did a quick Google search and Kou was listed as the alternate reading for the rainbow kanji.

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Yay new chapter!!

Co need to cheer up! Rodo would still take care of him even after knowing his age I'm sure of it!!!

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