A comfortable different world life_chapter 6

A comfortable different world life-chapter 6                                                                                         11.04.17

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Captain of the Third Corps

─ Renneiga side -

The captain would be qualified to enter the First Corps , considering that kind of rare power he posesses.

Why is he inclined to the Third Corps ...?

Well, I think it´s good that the captain is my boss.

I am not good at being humble.

When I was rude, I have been hit many times.

But, the captain took such me to the corps.

Now I am his vice captain.

I am a beast of Siks, but the captain is a beastman of Akinist.

It is an unusual race, its mighty power is said to be the shadow champion.

Even if he were to fight against the first commander, it is the captain who will win.

...... But the captain will not try to aim for other troops.

I guess the first commander also understands that he is not an opponent to the captain.

Is there some other reason why he is staying in the Third Corps?

Just saying "Akinist", the captain received a lot of attention.

There is a lot of men and women who do not want to become the partner of the captain.

In the case of a man, the birthrate will be worse than that of a woman.

But the captain is still not married.

There is no evidence that a lover exists either.

Is it because he is a working person?

Is he going to wait until he he finds a single unmarried Akinist other than the captain?

But hasn´t he been told nothing from his parents?

To be sure, the captain should have been 156 years old at present.

By the way, I am 138 years old.

It is getting more troublesome to count the age.

We are roughly 15 to 20 years old when we take  a humanoid form, from which we do not change much later on.

Since adults differ depending on beasts, there are many people who marry at an average of 100 to 120 years.

...... I have not married yet though.

Children are born between different races.

No pure race will be born, but hasn´t he been  told to leave even half of his Aquinist's blood ?

─ ─ ─ ─

One day, the captain came back with a child who was humanised.

Although he was saying that he is going to grass  Sig, as for the return however it was another action ... ....

I saw the humanization of such a small figure for the first time.

And I feel a power that I can not imagine from that small figure.

But that child seems to be a just like any child.

He is angry at being laughed at , becoming sulky for being ignored, I can´t do anything but smile at this.

It seems that the captain takes him in as his son, but does that kid who is named Co understand ?

The captain who headed home at once.

When he showed himself again at the barracks, it was at dinner time.

But there was astonishment.

It was because Co was talking while stumbling with his tongue.

In just a few hours, he was able to talk up to here ...

However, Co might be different from ordinary children.

I can see him refraining in front of the captain.

Is there something he can not say?

The language of the small figure, that uses words I´ve never heard or seen before, what could the meaning of those be?

I thought that he was a childish child, but why does he make a look as if he is a grown-up?

─ ─ ─ ─

The next day, the captain showed up with Co again.

It's already noon, so I thought what the hell was he doing ...... I saw Co and understood somewhat.

It seems that he went to tailor his clothes.

Since there is no person to humanize in the form of a child, there are no clothes that can be worn without a lot of trouble.

That is also true for shoes, even wearing brand new shoes.

Because the captain is lifting him up, it seems that shoes are not much needed.

But how much money did you spend on that?

Everything is of good quality, I know that it costs a considerable amount.

I also thought so when he was preparing a chair for Co, but he is really sweet to Co.

I felt that the captain did not like children, but was that not it?

The inside of the captain's head seems to have been dyed colorful.

Indeed Co seems not to be intimidated by my or the captain,even when we are in close contact.

I can understand his cutenes element.

But, it feels like the captain's stubborn ... ...

I wonder what touched the captain's heartstrings ?

"Ryodo, a bit"

"Yes, work, wait here for me Co,"

"Here? waii~tu"

It seems that Co is not yet perfectly able to speak.

He just got taken in yesterday, so it's not surprising at all.

Co was not able to talk or understand when he was just brought in, so it is like a miracle that he is able to talk so far.

Therefore, the captain is trying to speak every word slowly.

However, the captain at the time of being with Co is too different from usual.

He does not know that everyone gazes at him.

It is from a gentle person but it was not a sweet person.

He is strict both to himself and others, even though many people adore such a captain.

The captain when he is with Co seems to have become a childlike parent..

"Kou, waii~tu"

...... Co is not changed, though.


"Wait, book, read"


The picture book that Co possesses seems to have been bought by the captain.

He was buying such things ... ...

It seems that it is not just a single book.

He probably bought a children´s book that the captain has thought of as written basis for letters for children.

By the way, did he become able to write simple things?

Just understanding and talking will be difficult, but how far can Co 's mental power be better than ours to already write things?

He seems to be an enthusiastic student, is not he disliked?

Is it because he wants to return, so he will study?

If he can not communicate well, we do not know where Co lived.

─ ─ So is that it?

Do you want to go so much?

...... To the former naked like to leave behind.

"Ryodo, *****"

Saying something while waving your hand.

Farewell words? ...... It seems not to be, so you are sending him off?

Is the captain shocked that he was waved to, he has hardened.

Co watching such a captain seems strange.

... ... The captain looks bad.


When I speak out, his eyes are turned to me.


"" Take care of him ""


It does not seem to make sense to him.

"See you later."

It seems that he understood the meaning if you speak while waving to the captain.

The captain said he was smart, but it seems true.


"Take care"

"Basketball" (TN:Seems that he only wanted to see him of, but he can´t really say it well.
Everything he says sounds similar, but still not quite right.)

Watching our conversation, the captain who knew what Co wanted to say, showed a relieved facial expression.

Are you scared of being hated by Co ... ....?

(That´s stupid)

Although I´m denying it very much, it was an attitude that seemed only to be so.

Why is the captain obsessed with Co so much?

"I will go"

"Basketball" (TN: LOL)

After waving to the captain, he sits in the prepared chair and opens the book.

Before that, the table ......

Both the table and the chair would have been brought in by the captain.

Next to the table, the captain placed the book he had, and stroked the head of Co and left.

It seems that Co is reading a book while opening the book of "basic character".

It seems to be a way to memorize words with pictures and letters.

Perhaps it is the way to study it, because he know the language to some extent already.

He just fits the words he knows to the words we use.

...... Still, I think it's a tough task.

"Rennaiga! What are you doing !?"

A sharp voice will fly.

The Captain who is looking to blame me, because I was looking at Co.

It´s been a long time since I´ve been looked at like this.

"I will go soon!"

I used honorificed unexpectedly.


It seems I got scolded, and Co laughed.

"Rien, ****"

Besides, I do not understand the words, but I understood that I made a fool of myself.


I feel like I am being made a fool by Co.

Even though he looks like a good boy if it is in front of the captain.

"Rien,  bye bye"

But I was waved at with a smile.

It seems I´m not hated.

... ... It seems that the eyes of the captain have become very cold.

Co who was reading a book calmly for a while.

But, now he´s watching us during training.

As the captain who noticed it waved his hand with a smile, I only noticed that Co was watching.

Because he does understand that it is dangerous, he will not try to approach.

While he´s a child, perhaps he likes watching our training.

...... I guess he can not get a sword now.

In the future, would he say that he wants to learn the sword?

Or will he become a civil servant utilizing his high intelligence?

Because he has a lot of power, there is a high possibility of becoming a magician.

...... Well, because it is only a story for the future, he hasn´t thought of anything yet.

"Rennaiga, your hands have stopped!"

Bonjari while I thought such things, the captain also ... ... (TN: I think it depicts the sound of him getting hit, but I´m open for other suggestions)

(It is unreasonable)

Even the captains had turned his eyes to Ko.

─ Renneiga side end ─

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