A comfortable different world life_chapter 7

A comfortable different world life-chapter 7                                                                               21.04.2017

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Life with cat ears

My life with cat ears is being spend very conveniently for me.

I know it hurts to say that it is thanks to cat ears.

A cat ears that can buy anything.

He bought a desk and a chair so that I could study everywhere.

Moreover, it is not a simple thing such as a folding type, but a dish that seems to be highclass.

He also bought books, ones with a large number of pictures and basic letters whether he thought that they were good for memorizing letters.

They are like the books with hiragana written in Japan.

Thanks to that, I am studying hard, but just how much did he spend?

He also bought clothes and shoes, and I´m being brought along by cat ears for meals as well.

Considerable good treatment.

By mastering the words completely, this will be a more comfortable life than when I was in Japan.

Dropping me of somewhere, what is cat ears thinking?

I thought cat ears might be a soldier , but it really looks like it.

When I see training using swords, I realize that I have come to a different world.

In Japan, you would go to jail immediately.

A cat ears that shows a smile to me, when I look at him.

This guy is too sweet for me.

Bunny ears is getting angry.

...... Is it because of the difference in treatment between a subordinate and a protected child?

Cat ears is sweet to me but still a serious person, I think that bunny ears is more of a popular person.

Sometimes he´s also talking in a more rough tone towards others, I think that it is quite childlike compared to cat ears.

It seems that the age does not differ much, but the the temper is quite different.

But I do not dislike those who behave like bunny ears.

At first I thought that the muscles of bunny ears are a bit digusting, but now I become familiar with his appearance and do not think so anymore .

On the contrary, watching such a foolish character is calming.

Watching while laughing at the bunny ears who´s getting angry at cat ears, the bunny ears looks quite funny.

If I can return to my former figure, I would definitely like to be friends with him.

Cat ears ... ... he is totally a guardian rather than a friend.

Even if I am in my original form, cat ears seems like he would treat me only as child.

Because he should be way past his mid-20th, 18 years old I will be only a child to him.

(Well, I have not heard how old he is)

Let's hear it at home.

... No, is it better now?

I also want to hear the age of the bunny ears.

Cat ears will come near me when he gets a break and then let's ask them .

(But what shall I ask?)

He did not understand it even when I said I was 18, and I do not know how the word "year" would be spoken.

Does anyone talk about their age?

...... Is it impossible until I acquire more words?

"What happened? "

When I was in thought cat ears spoke to me, it seemed they took a break .

But I can not ask you what I want to say.

After all, I need to study more.

"Thank you"

I say words of thanks taught when he bought me a book.

It is subtile whether it sounds ok.

Perhaps something is different because he directs a smiling face to me.

He embraced and stroked my head.

Is it a habit of cat ears to stroke a child's head?

Although I do not see the appearance of children other than me.

Well, here it seems that there are only soldiers, so I do not see them in town as they are excluded.

We were walking in the town until we came here from the house of cat ear.

I'd like to ask about it, but I still do not know the words to ask.


(What? What have you said?)

I looked up, he said the same thing again.

When I tilt my head, I got stroked again.

It is still a long way until I can communicate well.

"**, Tired"

Cat ears name is hard to pronounce.

Probably, it would be so.

The name of the bunny ears may not be said the right way as well.


I can´t comprehend the meaning of Cat ears words.

I do not know how to ask if he is tired, and only get my head stroked.

Even though my head gets gently stroked, I am quite surprised if he does it.

"Thank you"

But, as I said the word of thank you, he seems to have understood a little about what I want to say.

My smiling face makes cat ears smile too.

If it´s directed at a woman, it would  make almost everyone fall for him, I think that smiling face does not make sense for me though.

"Co, ******"

Bunny ears came close to me saying something.

It seems to be somewhat important ....

He was in combat with the cat ear earlier, but the cat ear was overwhelmed him easily.

It seems that cat ears is not only great, but also strong.

I guess he is a military person, I wonder if you can not do it unless you are very strong.


When I say bunny ears name, it seems that cat ears is staring at him.

Doesn´t bunny ears have a break right now?

Because he got tired he took a break?

If you take a break without permission, it will not be unreasonable for the boss to get angry.

But ...

"All right? "

It seems pretty tiring, do not you let him take rest?

"Co, ******!"

He´s stroking my head while saying something.

I was praised ... ....?

Did he say "a good boy"?

But, the pronunciation is too different from "good child".

... ... Maybe you mean "gentle"?

When returning over the words of bunny ears, he nods and caresses my head again.

But since there is no definite thing, I can not conclude the meaning of the current word.

Why do not you just try using it even when you are made gentle.

"******! ********"

"*****! **********. *******"

They started talking, but I do not know what they are saying.

I could only hear that the bunny ears was calling cat ears with his title.

The later words are words that I have not been taught meaning of yet.

But, this atmosphere,  a fight?

"**? **?"

Calling the names of the two, the four eyes turned to me.


They shouldn´t fight with each other.

Even though I had little relationship with my friends, we sometimes fought.

But I do not want these two people to fight.

I still have a lot of things I do not understand the words of yet, I do not know why they are angry.

I can only rely on cat ears now, it hurts to not even understand the reason why they are fighting.

When looking at them alternately, cat ears caress my head with a smile.

Bunny ears is also saying something.

At the moment bunny ear said something, the cat ears glared at him, but does cat ears dislike bunny ears?

When I saw it for the first time, it seemed like they are boss and subordinate, but it looked like they are friendly.


When I say the name of cat ear, he will give a smile to me.

In other words, they usually have a close relationship, I guess he said something bunny ears did not like.

I do not seem to be related.

I get my head petted with a bright smile.

After all, it seems that will definitely become a habit.


"Chair? "

I wanted him to sit and pointed at the chair.

Then, I was put in my chair I was sitting on until a while ago.

"Different! Didnt I point at you?"

When pointing at a chair placed for a break, I thought he could understand the meaning without understanding the words.

But, for some reason he shakes his head.

"Co, chair"

And he points to my chair.

In other words, he will not sit there and I have to sit here.

I wonder why he won´t sit down?

I point again, but after all he shakes his head.



What is dangerous, huh?

Are there only muscle brains around? (TN: It actually says muscle daruma-tachi. Daruma is something like a wooden doll that brings good luck, so I guess he means their heads are like wood or maybe empty  )


Talk to the cat's ears and point again to the chair.

...... Although I say chair, it's actually a bench.


And I sit and hit my thighs.

Did you understand this?


While saying something, I was hugged again.

Cat ears looks happy.

After all do you like children?

Continue to the bench he sits down and puts me on his knee.

... It seems that he understood what I meaned .

Spread the book on the cat's ear knee.

I do not know the pronunciation because I studied by myself.

So I thought I should read it.

Cat ears taught me many times and he is the most suitable teacher.

"Please read"

I looked up from the top of the knee, and he seemed to recognize my intention and started to read.

Moreover, with the bonus of chasing the characters with his fingers.

It is strange.

Thanks to the cat ear, learning of letters and pronunciation is getting faster.

... aside from being able to speak.

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