A comfortable different world life_chapter 8

A comfortable different world life-chapter 8                                                                              22.04.2017

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Report to the king
(* ^ ▽ ^ *)

TN:Cuteness overload!!

─ Rodokiausu side-

Around a few days after taking in Co, I received a call from the king.

When I do not report to the king, Co will not be recognized as a person of this country.

However, going to report in a state where his words do not make sense is meaningless.

So, I thought I should go after he understanding the words ... ...

I informed him in writing that I´m protecting him myself, but a document was sent that I should came over to report.

Besides, it says that I should show Co.

Perhaps it is rare for those who are humanising in the form of children.

Also, Co´s tribe is still unknown.

I do not know the language used by Co, or where it is used.

Even when I think about his behaviour so far, there was not much caution.

Even the possibility of him being a spy from another country is not zero.

Because he is a child, has my vigilance faded?

Because it is Co?

However, I do not think that Co is a spy.

── Maybe I just do not want to.


Calling his name, Co finished eating breakfast and was changing his clothes, stopping his hands and looking up.

"King's Castle, go"


It seems that he did not understand King's Castle.

But what kind of explanation should I give ...?

(Certainly, there was a castle drawn in a picture book)


"Carrots?" (TN: Castle is shiro and carrots are chiro)

It seems he understood the castle, but it seems he does not know why I will go.

He´s tilting his head.

"Co, you coming here? I need to tell it to the king"


It seems he does not know.

How can I get him to understand ... ...

Will it be faster if I just take him there?

"Today, I will go to the castle"

"Chiro? ...... Ryodo, is it?"

"Yes, together"

"Ryodo, togeter"

He does not know why we are going there, but it seems to be good when he is together with me.

He is cute as ever.

That is why I feel strongly that I do not want to let go.

Why are you so cute though you are not even my own child?

(Because Co is a good child)

Other than that.

Co knows quite a lot of information compared to his appearance.

Where did you get such information ...?

Changing clothes can be done by one person, sometimes he is even showing off how to tie a complex string.

... ... Maybe he is not as young as I thought?

He was talking about "10, 8", and maybe he´s 10 or 8 years old.

...... Still, he´s only a child.

However, I do not understand the meaning of his young figure.

If you are ten or eight, you should be bigger.

Since there is no one to humanize at that time, it can not be compared.

Tell Rennaiga that we are going to the King's Castle, and take a ride on Sig.

"Chigu" (TN: I´m sorry Kou, that´s still wrong.....XD)

It seems that Co who was scared at the beginning also got used to it as soon as he looked face to face.

Now he´s not afraid.

Sig loves Co as if he were his child.

Rather than "the Lord", it is in contact as a "child".

For Sig, Co seems to be special.

"Chigu, biig. Kou, little"

When getting on the Sig, the body of Co is fixed to my body.

That is why, even if Co is released from my hands, he never falls down from Sig.

Co spreads both hands and compares the size of Sig, this time he compared myself with small.

Co trying to communicate with his whole body is pleasant.

"Little , Kou. Town, not there"

Co fingering around.

(……that is……?)

Do you want to say that there is no child like Co?

Have you not seen any other children?

There are children in the town, and you should have seen them until now.

... ... Maybe you do not understand Beastification?

Pointing to the children, I will show him.

.... Again, he does not seem to be understood.



Even if you speak again, just tilting his head.

There is no help but because the word "child" itself is not understood.

How can I tell you?

(Will he understand when I become beasted?)

However, although he was scared by Sig, the possibility of being afraid by seeing my beastification is high.

I have never been in close contact with children.

They do not come to my side, especially if I´m beasted.

I wonder if he will feels scared of Akinists.

...... There are many, even adults that are scared of me.

(There is no choice but to teach in another way)

If Rennaiga is beasted, it may still be ok.

Why not talk about it after going home.

"******* ♪"

At the beginning he was quiet, but since the journey to King's Castle was long, he began to hum something that seemed like a song.

Certainly it will be boring.

The scenery does not change so much, and there is no one who speaks comfortably to the captain of the 3rd corps.

... ... It may be because I am an Akinist.

A nice smile floats in the state of a really enjoyable Co.

When I caressed his head, the song stopped.

(Did I get in the way?)

Even though I had felt like having fun with it.

"B e quiitu?"

Because he asks while touching his mouth, it has become a quite strange voice.

Moreover, it is not a good translation, so if you are a stranger you will not understand the meaning.

"Silence, different"

When I shook my head, he let go of his mouth.

The number of words he can speak is increasing every day.

There are also many words that you understand meanings, and you will be able to say short sentences a little more.

Now he´s just combining words.

For a while he was singing and turning his eyes to the surroundings, but I guess he got bored again.

He fell asleep.

Co sleeping while grabbing my clothes is seeking a safe place.

We sleep in the same bed at night.

At the beginning, he had a strange face like saying "Do you want to sleep together?", But now I do not even face such a face.

In a place where he knows nobody, Co may be lonesome.

He´s trying hard to master the words, but it is quite stressful that he can not understand the language.

It is good if he feels a little bit of safety.

I still feel the wall between us, but him being tense in my arms is decreasing.

There are things that show me a nuance of hi swaying to me.

Perhaps I can not let go of Co, even if I find a parent of Co.

One of the reasons why I do not want to leave him under a senior who just leaves him alen, but another is ,I just do not want to leave Co.

...... even if he said he wants to return.

I do not want to make Co a cry, but I will persuade him that with me he will  be more happy than anyone else.

Even if persuasion does not go well and he returns to his parents, I will be watching over him while monitoring the situation.

If they do the same thing the next time, I will separate them without questions.

It is not good for Co, when such a person is by his side.

─ ─ ─ ─

We arrived at the castle.

Arrive at the gate and line up in front of the gate and wait for permission to enter the castle.

In my ark of a rare tribal Akinist who got on a rare Donikron, there is a Co that is humanized with a young figure that they have not seen before.

It would be unavoidable for some people to stare at this place.

Even if I bear the title Captain of the Third Corps, I have to line up together like this.

Because of that, there are many people looking at Co.

I thought that I was glad that he was asleep.

Even if you are not shy, he will be nervous if he´s looked at like this.

There is also the possibility of being afraid.

But due to the big noise, Co woke up.

"Fah, ... ...."

After yawning, he was still sleepy, after a few blinks, he looked up at me.

The sleepy eyes are still aimed around for a while.

To such a Co, an interested line of sight is directed.

Co stopped moving as he looked behind.

Because he is fixed in a face-to-face state, behind Co is the direction of travel.

"... ... Chiro"

It seems that he could see the castle.

It seems that the destination is here, but he´s thinking about something.

What went wrong?

Co which looked up again.

"Co, should go?"


What do you want to say?

"Ryodo, Kou, ... ... chu-ru?"

I inadvertently lost words to Co's words.

That means - ─

"Different! Throwing away, different!"

Did he think that we came because he caued me trouble?

I do not regard the existence of Co at all as annoying, and I want to live together forever.

"King, Kou, see"



"King, Kou, see?"

I nodded at his words, he murmured something.

But I do not know what he said.

I can not understand the words he sometimes speaks.

Considering that, how smart is Co that he has become able to talk so much?

"Identity card"

It seems that the order has arrived before I noticed.

When I handed the ID card, it was returned at once after a glance.

"Captain of the Third Corps, Rodokiausu · Serafine, who is that person?"

The line of sight of the gatekeeper is directed to Co.

"I protected, an unknown child of a strange race, a document arrived to be audited by his Majesty"

When I handed in the document from his majesty, he read it and immediately returned it.

It seems that he knew it was his majesty.

"Please pass"

The gate is opened and the feet of Sig advanced.

When I brought Sig  to a horse stable for visitors, I head towards the audience while lifting Co.

"**********. ****************"

When opening the door of the royal castle, Co said something.

"What happened?"


Shake, ... and shake his head.

(Did he speak to himself?)

Is it because he does not want to start from the beginning, because he can not translate it into the language of this country ...?

There are many things that are said to be nothing.

Is he still wary?

First I head to the waiting room.

You can not go during the audience until you are called.

Sit on the chair and let the Co sit on my knee.

Those who were in the waiting room look at such me with a startle expression.

Even though I have never smiled before, why are they so surprised ... ...

I have never gotten close to a child, but I they are just unfamiliar, rather than dislike, so I just did not know what to do and what kind of response I should give.

Co was alarmed at the beginning, but he never avoided me.

When I got near he never cried.

It was the first time for children to respond like this.

Because "child" in me was only a bundle of crying fear when I approached.

"Captain of the Third Corps, your audience with your Majesty was allowed"

The guide took me to the waiting room and called me.

I seems to have skipped the order considerably, and that is why he would like to see Co as soon as possible.

Picking up Co, I follow the guide.

(He came to an unknown place and is not getting nervous?)

He´s surrounded by people he has never met before.

Besides, I am worried that he´s afraid of the peculiar atmosphere in the castle.

...... However, Co who dropped his field of sight had cold eyes.

It is a different feeling from ... to be alert.

... ... I guess he´s not alarmed at all.

What are you thinking now?

When you get there during the audience, the guide will return heel.

I will advance my legs while holding Co.

I saw the figure of his Majesty soon.

This country, the king of Marihek - Kurseddam Myodorog.

He looks a little bit older than me, but he´s actually 632 years old.

Beastman of Gatrea famous for longevity.

He has red eyes on blue-gray hair up to waist length.

At the time of beasting of Gatrea, they are smaller than the size of other giant figures by one order.

...... Still it is quite a big body.

Different from Akinist, fertility is not low.

Your Majesty's descendants are already involved in political affairs.

"Is he the protected child you reported?"

I pulled down the coat and kneeled in front of my majesty, and answered immediately.

As usual, here is my job title and name, and there is a simple ceremony from His Majesty.

It seems that Co is worried a little.

"Yes, his name is Co.                                                                                                                           Initially, he did not understand words, as the viewer sees as well the  " child "´s tribe is unknown. He is now able to speak a few words, but it seems that he remenbers words  he used before .There are still many things to talk about, where he can not understand the words yet. "

"... ... and then you picked him up? That power, do you use it for the success of your dream? Do you use it for rebellion?"

I guess that's about the power of Co.

"Co has not noticed his powers yet, even if he has the power there is no means to demonstrate. He now has learned the characters, but the talk after the magic acquisition , I think that Co is to decide for himself. While making the best use of his intellectual power which should make him able to talk some basic words in a few days, aiming at civil servants is also possible as well as to become familiar with his rare power and become a magician I think that it will be decided by himself. "

Co's future is Co 's.

I'm not planning to take Co to another country, but I'd like to make it so he is free to choose whichever profession Co would like to do.

It is only the royal family where the occupation is born in nature.

Even though I decided it was my will to be a soldier.

Even if it is not, Co suddenly came to a place where his words does not pass, It should be very frustrating.

I want to give him as much freedom as possible.

"... Co and you, come here."

To his majesty's words, Co standing next to me is not trying to move while grasping my sleeve.

He didn´t understand what his majesty said.


When I called his name, that gaze captures me.

"The side of the king, go"

He could understand it when I talked with words in an easy-to-understand way.

But, he shake his head.


"No, Ryodo, go"

He shakes his head and embraces me.

Co which tryes not to leave me is lovely, but I can not ignore his command.

Why will not you go to his side?

... ... No way, do you think that I will leave Co to his Majesty?

"Ko, discard, different. Later, together, home, go home"

Then I have to solve the misunderstanding.

"King, no, Ryodo, go"

However, apparently he seems to dislike going to his Majesty

What do you dislike?

Even though Rennaiga gets close to him without so much dislikes.

...... Although he made a face like he hates him when I first met you.

However, now that he can talk, he talked with Rennaiga and sometimes they are playing.

When he was sleeping on the body of Renneiga which was in the midst of resting, I did not feel good as expected , but.

"... ... Do you dislike coming to my side?"

"*******! ********! *********"

He´s trying to say something ... ... I think his eyes are shaking in fear.

Are you scared of his Majesty?

But why?

He was scared like this when he saw Sig ......

Is it related to the tribe?

...... Has anything been done so far?

... ... Maybe, Co was kidnapped and left behind in that place?

Then, I am convinced that he is afraid of similar races.

I calm the coarse breathing, I embrace him and gently stroke his back.

"Do not worry, it's okay"

It seems that Co gradually calmed down as I repeatedly spoke these words many times and was stroking his back.

However, it seems he´s not completely calmed down yet.

"Ryodo, Ra ko"

He crawls up and reaches out his hands.

Even though he usually does not like to be lifted up all that much.

Hold him up, his arms turn around my neck.

I stroke his back to soothe the crying Co.

"... ... It seems that he is very familiar with you, so let's educate him to work for Marihek in the future"

"... .... your will"

A lot of words, I feel his resentment, but my opponent is your Majesty.

I can understand that he wants to bring out talented people in Marihek  who will become excellent in the future like Co.

But, now we have to give priority to Co.

"Well then, I will excuse you."

Bow and leave the audience.

"Home, go home"

I pet the head of the crying Co and call out.

I was thinking of going to the town around the royal city, but it would be better to return as soon as possible.

Take Sig and aim for the house.

─ Rodokiausu side end ─

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