A comfortable different world life_chapter 9

A comfortable different world life-chapter 9                                                                                         06.05.2017

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Scary things

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The cat ear which started accompanying me which started crying, got on Sig again.

The man that the cat ears bowed down to had silver hair.

That man feels like he is probably the king.

Cat ears that seemed to be in a great position had kneeled for a long time.

I only thought that the man who seemed to be the king is "scary" , in my eyes he was only visible as a dog who would attack me. (TN: Poor king!)

Since I realized that Sig seemed to like me, I did not think of him as too scary anymore.

...... In other words, the king is a beast of a tribe close to a dog.

Does it mean I refuse scary things on instinct?

For me who was not good with even puppies, I only felt that I could only see a dog who had entered battle.

As we moved away from the castle, my tears stopped.

Perhaps, with a cat ears that showed anger for me, no matter where I could not resist letting go of my feelings.

That instantaneous reliance in him has become something unshakeable..

Only he can be trusted.

No matter what happens, I trust that he alone is my friend.

If there were more such people, there would be less scary things.

...... The dog is scary anyhow though.

As I can afford to look towards the town, I'm curious about what he said when we came.

When I said that there are no small people, cat ears pointed to animals for some reason.

What does that mean ... ...

Cat ears has beast ears and a tail.

Other people are similar, there are even some who´ve got scales and feathers.

... ... Maybe children are born in the form of animals? (TN: Congratulation!!! Finally you´ve got it ^^)

In that case, I am convinced that there are many animals.

Obviously these animals are different from pet animals.

Apart from creatures that can become people, is it possible for a person to change to the appearance of an animal?

(... is it that cat ears might be able to also appear as animal?)

I suddenly thought about it and wanted to see it.

The cat ears will be in the form of a cat.

Because I do not see him as a "cat" I think he is a carnivorous beast like a tiger, a leopard, a lion ......

I guess if I can show the will to attack I shouldn´t be afraid to be rejected, but since cat ears is sweet to me, I´m sure he will transorm for me. (TN: If it´s something he wants, he can be quite bold..........I worry about the future!)

When I looked up, cat ears stroked my head.

Because I cried, cat ears is even more gentle than usual.

It is kind of nice.

I said that I am afraid of the king very much and I want him to hold me.

I mean to snuggle up to him......

But at the side of the cat ears I feel relieved.

I have never been angry at cat ears.

I do not mean to get angry though, but I will not leave even when I´m a "bother".

He is more gentle than anyone, he who thinks more about me than anyone else.

Throwing out personal property for me, he keeps himself busy, helping me to acquire my words.

It seems like a parent giving me free love.

...... Even though I had real parents, I have never been spoiled this much.

If he learns that I am 18 years old, what will he do?

Because I am a child, it might be the the only reason for being kind to me.

...... No, it seems likely to think normally.

To an unknown man of 18 years old, it does not make sense to be so gentle.

"I will not throw you away," he said.

But, that's because my appearance is very young.

If I can return to my original form, it is not funny to be left alone.

If I can not return to Japan, I have to live here.

Given that, I do not want to hurt cat ears.

I can not speak the language completely yet.

There are many words that do not understand the meaning of.

I understand the general meaning, but it is certain that it is only my guessing.

Therefore, there are things that I feel that I´m not familiar with it.

It is not only because I am saddened that the protection of cat ears might disappears because I can not make myself understood now.

If you live in this world, I am lonely.

So, when I think about cat ears knowing that I am an adult and him letting go of me, I have no choice but to be at a loss.

I understand that it is too much for cat ears.

But, even after he knew my true identity, would I be able to stay with cat ears?

"All right. Let´s go home, "

When I got jerked ...... while looking up, cat ears stroked my head.

I know that my existence is only a burden for cat ears.

But I can rely on cat ears alone ......

There is no way to return to my room to where I was.

I do not know how I came here, and on the other hand I do not know how I can return.

Am I supposed to just live here?

Or may I be able to return to where I was someday?

If a lot of time has passed, what is going on in Japan?

Am I supposed to be dead?

Am I reported as missing?



Even if I could return home after years, have I still a place left in Japan?

Anxiety comes in at a stretch.

Tears are overflowing again, although the cat ears is giving an impatient voice─

I was anxious all the time.

Several days have passed but I can not go back any more.

I just learned a little about the words of this world.

I am not useful in this world at all, just a small grain.

I do not have any idea about who I am supposed to come to this world for.

I wonder what I should do now?

However, being deceived forever is hard-hearted.

I´m conflicting all the time.

Even at least to cat ears I have an obligation to tell the truth.

"Water, drink"

He passed me  the bag containing water.

Because I cried a lot.

Since I came to this world, I cried a lot.

Even thought I became 18 ... I think that I´m uneasy to be in a place I do not know all by myself, ... and I just want to excuse myself.

After all speaking to the cat ears is neccessary, there is no choice but to negotiate whether he will take care of me.

There is a high possibility that he will say that I should live by myself, but if I look like this he will understand that there is no workplace and will most likely show me his kindness?

─ ─ ─ ─

We came back to the town where cat ears house is.

I thought whether he would go to the place where the bunny ears is, but cat ears went home.

It seems to be because I cried, but maybe it's just good to talk to cat ears.

"Ryodo, talk"

"what? "

I can only speak a few words, but I will do something.

I just hope that the smile that faces me will not disappear.

"Kou, 10, 8"

Tell him that I´m are not a child.

"Small, different"

But he only tilts his head saying he does not know what I mean.

(How do I tell him?)

The number of words I remember is too small, I do not know how to tell him.

After all, should I have mentioned it only when I´ve learned the language?

Suddenly the paper I always use for memorizing letters enters my eyes.

(If I do not understand the characters, can I communicate with a picture?)

I go to the place where the paper is placed and draw a picture easily.

If you draw the opponent's characteristics in a short time like a drawing picture, you will understand who you managed to draw somehow.

First of all draw cat ears.

The tool that I always write letters with is similar to those on the earth.

Like crayons, it has various colors.

I do not like drawing pictures so much, I was not interested, so I never drew one since I came to this world ... ...

Cats ears praised me, but now I do not care about my drawing power.


Pointing to the drawing painting, tell the name of cat ear.

By the way, I have not been taught he letters (spelling) of the names of cat ears.

... It was long, next time maybe?

Draw a picture again.

This time it´s me.

I watched my appearance several times even though I saw it at the fountain.

There is no mirror in this world, but objects that reflect like a sword blade are replacement for mirrors.

After drawing it, I draw my original figure as well.

"****? "

I heard something from cat ears, but unfortunately I do not know what he said.


I put my fingers on either paper and said so, the cat ears got a surprised expression.

... ... Have you understood the meaning?

"I'm sorry"

I have to tell this only.

I've always been cheating cat ears.

"Kou, small, different"

Because I´ve not been taught the words "adult" and "child", I can not tell that it is an adult at the age of two.

I could not make an excuse, even when I thought about telling him all the time.

"****, ****? *********. ********? "

Cat ears is talking like he is very excited.

But, I can not understand what he said.

"Can you do big? "

"... ...?"

After tilting  my neck ... ... I understood the meaning somehow.

I guess he asked if I could return to the original form.

"Can, not do it"

Shake my head.

If it was possible, I would do it.

Besides, I do not even know the meaning of me shrinking .

"Rodo, *****"

He said something, but he pointed to himself, will cat ears do something?

He picked up the paper and drew something.

"*******! "

I saw the paper that seemed to have been drawn, I was staggering unexpectedly.

...... Cat ears, It´s too painful.

I can not understand what he painted.

I only know that it´s supposed to be an animal.

...... What should I say?

Suddenly, cat ear took off his clothes. (TN: Yes, now we want to watch.......everything?)

After one big breath - ─

There was a strange sound like bones ringing from the back.

Black hair grows from the body, hair rises though there is no wind.

At the next moment, the black leopard covered with pure black hair was turned into a living creature like a reddish brown lion.

It looks like a carnivorous beast.

Is the body height about 1.5 m?

It seems to be quadruped walking, the body length is about 3 m - 4 m?

However, the eyes remain as human type.

Is it because I understand that the creature in front of me is cat ears, that I can not imagine him being a "predator"?

For me, he seems only to be a big cat that looks good.

Cat ears retreated and layed down, was he misunderstanding that I'm scared.

this is……

Perhaps, I can touch !?

Stretch out my hand and approach.

I am excited, my breathing sound is noisy.

But, my favorite cat is right in front and it is ok to touch.

That´s unbearable for a cat lover.

There is also no appearance of escape.

"FuOOOOO ... ....! Great! Oh my god!"

Body hair is short other than the mane, but the feeling while touching is very good.

Fluffy hair grows thickly at high density.

He was shaking his body to the state of me, but ignore it.

Strokes his body that I know is muscular, and rubs my face against the body.

"Huh ... ... it's bliss."

It is impossible to do such things to a normal beast counterpart.

However, the other party can communicate with words (Is there a word?) from Cat ear, there is no danger.

"... Co, scary, is it different? "

I rubbed my face to his side when I kept my cheeks near him,I heard the voice of cat ears.

Even though his appearance changes, he seems to be able to speak.

More than that ... ... "Scary"?

"Such a thing, never!"

I would like to say thank you for the bliss time.

(...... I talked in Japanese, I can not communicate with cat ears)

"I am afraid, not. Like"

So please let me cuddle once a day!

Cat ears lying down around me.

Besides, my cheeks were licked.

(Somewhat he seems happy ... ....?)

Perhaps everyone is afraid?

Such a cute creature, how punishable!

...... I will monopolize and mof.

I also stroked his face.

Cat ears also lowered his head to the floor so that my hands could reach.

Even with a real cat, there are none who would let me pat them so much like this.

Enjoy myself as much as I want.

I do not know if my story passed to the cat's ears, but he seems not to be angry, is it okay to stay here as it is?

Perhaps I was supposed to be able to transform like cat ears ...?

If I can, I would like to do it.

The figure of an adult will be able to do various work.

...... It was a chance to be protected by cat ears though, when I am in the figure of a child.

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